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Metals /Minerals

Copper scrap

is smelted in primary (concentrate) and secondary (scrap) smelters. Primary smelters mainly smelt concentrate. Some, however, are well adapted to smelting all grades of scrap.

Aluminium scrap

Aluminium scrap

Aluminium is the second most recycled metal (after steel), and about one-third of all aluminium is extracted from scrap products. 

Industrial scrap

Industrial Scrap

With strong associations with the trusted vendors across the industry, we are engaged in trading and supplying a wide range of Industrial Scraps, which can be used in varying temperature.

feorom carbon manganese

Ferro Manganese High Carbon

Specification of High Carbon Ferro Manganese.
Ferro Manganese High Carbon is an alloy of iron and manganese with high carbon contents, usually 6-8% w/w.

Silica Manganese

Silica Manganese

We are engaged in the supplying and expiring of the finest quality Silico Manganese. Silicomanganese (SiMn) is a ferroalloy with high contents of manganese and silicon.

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